A big shout out to future and arriving TU Delft students!
Are you preparing for your stay in Delft for coming academic years? We would like to help and share a few tips that we have learnt in the stay here and make the process easier for you.

The Stuff you buy/Bring
v Don't buy any thing that will cost you more if you buy it in your home country (pressure cooker, pens, pin converters).
v We do have the mentioned shops in Delft to help you settle, so check some of them online to get a fair idea of prices and the product.
IKEA (home accessories) à http://www.ikea.com/nl/nl/ and ACTION https://www.action.nl
Kruidvat (Pharmacy) à http://www.kruidvat.nl/
Electronics à http://www.bcc.nl/
Being a student you can also buy second hand stuff on the FB pages like àhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/student.sale/
Looking for a room? Do check other places before committing to DUWO. Make sure you have a contract if you go for something other than DUWOà https://www.facebook.com/groups/room.delft/?fref=ts

v Warm clothes - Winter clothes can be bought from home, especially good quality thermal or body warmers (layering is essential).You can obviously invest in a good winter jacket or coat. Seasonal sales offer good prices and various online stores as well as the shops at the City Centre at Delft. More choices can be made at the nearby cities of Den Haag and Rotterdam which are easily commutable and few minutes train ride.
v Traditional/ Ethnic clothes - Your student association will definitely celebrate major traditional events here.
v Groceries - A list of grocery items like masalas, pulses, ready-to-cook packets is provided here which mentions the prices from the Turkish shops in Delft. Actual prices may vary to some extent and the list provided in indicative of that. Please note that some items are seasonal and many Indian grocery stores are also located at Den Haag which is a mere 30 minutes on tram and 15 minutes or less by train.

The stuff you have to buy in Delft
v Bicycle is the first thing you should start looking for once you are here. Most of us prefer buying a second hand one.
A common bike shop is Bike Delft àhttps://www.facebook.com/bike.delft?fref=ts
Others being ADO bikes etc.

The Medical and health related stuff
v Get a medical checkup done.

v Get prescriptions & medicines for all common ailments. Pack up on any common cold ailments medicines.

v Get your eye-sight checked - get a new prescription. Buy at least one extra pair of glasses, lenses.

v Get requisite immunization done.

v Get a dental checkup and complete all dental works in India. It is very expensive to get this in the Netherlands.