This page is intended to help students to find out good and cheap Indian food options.

  1. Fast Food Vegetarian Indian Restaurant - Atithi

    The Hash Eatery Restaurant is the very first and exclusive Vegetarian Indian Fast Food Restaurant! All the food items are freshly prepared and most of the spices, Ingredients even Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) which are being used, are self-prepared every day which lends the fresh and exotic taste to our food. Their food is the yummiest and cheapest among all Indian Restaurants in Netherlands. The ambience and interiors of our restaurant will definitely leave you spellbound.Atithi restaurant is very close to the university and can be reached by bicycle. There main dishes ranges from € 3,00 - € 6, 00. They have one of the most unique menu which includes dishes like: Bread Pakoda, Gol Gappa, Paneer Chilla, Cutlet, Ladoo, Mango shake, Roohafza, Aloo Tikki Burger, Halwa and many more.
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Directions to reach Atithi restaurant on foot or by bike (only 10 minutes walk):
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