Constitution of organization (DISCARDED)

Name and Place

Article 1.

The name of our limited liable non-profit organization is Indian Students Association Delft(referred thereafter as ISA Delft). It is seated in Delft, The Netherlands.


Article 2.

ISA Delft was started with goals as stated below.
1) ISA Delft, as an organization, will strive to represent all its members, who are Indian students (Bachelors or Masters), PhD candidates, Post-Doctoral fellows or staff linked with Delft University of Technology, and act as a liaison between the university and the aforementioned members.
2) ISA Delft will offer advice and guidelines to its members on issues related to academia (courses, internships, thesis, etc.) and non-academia (housing, visa formalities, etc.).
3) ISA Delft will promote intercultural exchange by organizing events, inter-association meets, visits of representatives from recognized organizations and offer linguistic assistance. ISA Delft will help its members to integrate with other international students, Dutch students by collaborating with their respective student associations and also with other fellow Indians within Delft.


Article 3.

ISA Delft will pursue on the above mentioned goals through an elected Executive Board. The executive board of this association will comprise of the below mentioned posts.
1) President: He/She will act as a representative of the board and is responsible for the overall administration and objectives of the Executive Board.
2) Vice-President: He/She will act as an acting President in the absence of the President. The vice-president is responsible for interaction of the board with print or digital media.
3) General Secretary: He/She will be responsible for documenting all the activities of the Executive Board. He/She will also be responsible for arranging board meetings and maintain the minutes of the meeting, membership details and agenda for ISA Delft.

4) Event Manager: He /She will be responsible for handling the events organized by ISA Delft. He/She will be the contact person for ISA Delft during the organization of any event, and will do the planning, logistics and co-ordination connected with each event.
5) Treasurer: He/She will be responsible for handling the finances of ISA Delft, and maintain the financial balance sheet for the organization. He/She co-ordinates with the Banks, Delft university of Technology and other financial institutions in matters of fund raising, reimbursement and expenditure.
ISA Delft will also have an Advisory Committee whose members must be people previously or currently linked to Delft University of Technology. The Advisory Committee, on request of the current Executive Board will offer expert advice on issues pertaining to the objectives of ISA Delft. Current students, Phd, Post-Doctoral fellows and alumni linked to Delft University of Technology will make up this self-appointed Advisory Committee. ISA Delft does not fix limits on the members in this Advisory Committee, but suggests the Executive Board members from the previous board to be a part of the Advisory Committee.


Article 4.

    1. Membership to ISA Delft is open to anyone willing to participate in the activities of the organisation and can be relinquished at will by informing the secretary of the Executive Board.
    2. An Advisory Committee will be self-established comprising of custodians and founders of the ISA Delft.
    3. Executive Board positions will be awarded to members deemed responsible by a voting process as outlined in Article 5.
Membership can also be revoked by the Executive Board if a member fails to comply with socially acceptable standards of behavior.

Election of Executive Board members

Article 5.

The Executive Board members of ISA Delft are elected by the democratic procedure of voting. The tenure of the elected Executive Board will not be more than one year.
Any member of ISA Delft can apply for the post of Executive Board member as long as He/She is eligible under the following condition.
1) He/She must be a member of ISA Delft.
2) He/She must be linked to Delft University of Technology and should possess an operating e-mail address provided by Delft University of Technology to its students and staff members.
3) He/She must not be a member of the previous Executive Board of ISA Delft.

The new Executive Board will be given a complete knowledge transition by the previous Board. The Treasurer of the outgoing board will be in touch with the new treasurer for at least six-months after he/she has vacated the post for financial consistency. The official period of knowledge transfer will be agreed upon by the new and the previous Executive Boards in their first joint Executive Board meeting.
The call for candidature for the election will be advertised by the General Secretary on the mailing group, Facebook group page of ISA Delft and the e-mail addresses of all members of ISA Delft, during the month of September in each academic year. On receiving more than 5 candidates for the Executive Board comprising of 5 members, the incumbent ISA Delft Executive board will call for elections. Indians students linked with Delft University of Technology will be able to cast their votes on production of a valid Delft University of Technology e-mail address in the voting forms available online. Only one vote will be allowed per person.
The same procedure will be followed in case of dismissal or resignation of one of the Executive Board member as mentioned in Article 7. In such cases instead of choosing 5 board members, an interim election will be called only for the one or more vacant posts in the board.


Article 6.

The incumbent Executive Board will furnish the details of the Elections to the Indian student community. The previous Executive Board is responsible for safely storing the election results and related documents for future reference. At no point, the incumbent and the previous board will be allowed to discuss the specifics of the people who voted in the election. Such discussion will be considered misuse of power and the related board members will face strict action pending the next board meeting. The incumbent board must have a knowledge of the present constitution and must agree by signing the document.

Impeachment and dismissal of a Board member

Article 7.

Any Executive Board member of ISA Delft can be subjected to an impeachment process by the other Executive Board members and subsequently dismissed from the Executive Board if
1) He/She is found to misuse the name of His/Her post and the name of ISA Delft for His/Her personal benefits.
2) He/She fails to contribute, according to the rest of the board, in no useful means for the activities linked with the goals of ISA Delft.
3) He/She is known to misappropriate funds linked with ISA Delft or have personal financially profitable tie-ups with organizations connected with ISA Delft .
4) He/She has been accused or found guilty of an criminal offense under the purview of Dutch Law and regulations of Delft University of Technology.
5) He/She does not comply with socially acceptable standards of behavior.

Initially, a show cause notice will be sent to the concerned party. Based on the reply and the opinion of majority of the board members, the Executive Board will carry out an impeachment. The General Secretary must call for candidature (listed under elections) for the vacant position, within at most one week of the dismissal.

Merger and dissolution

Article 8.

The Executive Board of ISA Delft, and ISA Delft as an organization can be merged with another organization or dissolved completely by following the steps mentioned below.
1) All the Executive Board members must agree unanimously for a merger or dissolution.
2) The opinion of the Executive Board must be communicated to the Advisory Committee and two-thirds or more of the Advisory Committee must agree to the decision of the Executive Board.
3) Delft University of Technology must be informed about the decision of the Executive Board and a written approval must be obtained from the “International Office” in the university regarding the pending merger or dissolution.
4) All sponsors and donors to ISA Delft must be informed of the Board’s decision regarding a merger or a dissolution.
5) Proper legal procedure in accordance with Dutch law must be followed for a merger or a dissolution.

In the event of a merger, the Executive Board of ISA Delft and the association merging with ISA Delft decide, unanimously, on the surplus /deficit of money in the account of ISA Delft.
In the event of a dissolution of ISA Delft, the surplus money in the account of ISA Delft will either given back to Delft University of Technology or audited by Delft University of Technology for the repayment to sponsors and other donors.

Financial regulations

Article 9.

ISA Delft is a non-profit organization and the Executive Board or the Advisory Committee members have no share in the surplus (if any) generated by the organization. The finances required for the regular functioning of the board has to be arranged by or with the approval of Delft University of Technology.
Any surplus generated during the organization of an event or owing to a sponsor must be used within the purview of the organization objectives.
The Treasurer is the financial head of the organization and is responsible and answerable to audits and financial checks performed by banks, sponsors or Delft University of Technology. ISA Delft will not raise money from students studying in Delft University of Technology and will operate on a donation basis from the students. Misappropriation of funds by any board member is a serious offence, and if proved can lead to the impeachment of the respective board member.

Changes to constitution

Article 10.

Any changes to this Constitution can be made by a majority approval at an Executive Board meeting. All Executive Board members must be provided with ample time and opportunity to contest the changes or agree to the changes. The changes in the constitution must be informed to the Advisory Committee as soon as it is ratified by the Executive Board members. During the knowledge transfer period, any changes in the Constitution must be done by the incumbent Executive Board with the consent of the previous Executive Board.
The constitution has been read, discussed and ratified by all the Executive Board members in the Board meeting held on 21st June 2011.