1. Approximately how much is the total cost of studying at TUD for an year? How easy to get are hostel accomodations there ?
It is nearly 8.7K euros for the tuition, and 7.6K euros for living. You may adjust your living expenses accordingly, although the figures provided here are more than you could ask for.

2. What are the prospects for part time jobs or RAs & TAs from the Masters Departments ? Anyone can specifically tell me regd scholarship prospects from the department ?
As far as my knowledge goes, there are very limited opportunities for RAs . TAs are possible in ur second year of MSc study. You come from a CS background, so there are IT-jobs (part time) here that you could apply for. A word of caution: the coursework is a little demanding in the first semester, so plan accordingly.

3. Are part time jobs available to support one self if no scholarship is given ? What do people generally do ?
I worked as a TA during the second year for a short duration. The following years' students did better, so in general you can find something to support yourself.

4. What were the main companies coming to campus for recruitment for graduates? How are internship prospects currently and does it as usual happen in the 2nd year of a masters program ?
In general, the recruitment scene is pretty good.

5. How many Indians are there in TUD?
A lot, you wouldnt miss home, assured :)

6. I am specifically interested in Distributed Systems and Intelligent Systems. Is there anybody in the faculty whom I can specifically approach with a research proposal and scholarship prospects :)
As such, ppl here evaluate you from ur performance at the TU, so it takes a while. But nevertheless, you can still apply for scholarship programmes at http://www.grantfinder.nl/content/index.asp

7. I'm interested to pursue MSc in computer networking. Does TU delft provide it. if not any relevant course provided by TU delft that I can join? Please help.

8.I did my Bachelors in the Department of Civil Engineering, but always had interests in the field of computer science. How can one apply for a Branch transfer process at TU Delft, from a non related major to Computer Science? Please help...