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Indian Students Association Delft is a student organization managed by the students of the Delft University of Technology

The aim of this website is to help prospective students, researchers and staff who intend to join TU Delft or have applied for
admission to TU Delft, by providing them with essential information regarding the University, its various Departments and Research Groups, the usual admission procedure, scholarships/stipends, visa issues, job scenario after graduation, social life in the Netherlands and the extra-curricular activities that Delft has to offer during their stay here. Most of the information here is also useful for people who are currently settling down.

Indian Students Association contributes significantly in preserving and spreading the Indian culture by organising events like Diwali, Holi etc. as well as Introduction Parties to acquaint the newly arrived students with the life in Delft.

Presenting the new executive board of ISA 2017

Robin Tamak - President
MSc in Construction Management & Engineering

Deepak K Viswanathan- Vice-President
MSc in Construction Management & Engineering

Mihir Tandon - General Secretary
MSc in Management of Technology

Tushar Sharma- Treasurer
MSc in Structural Engineering

Amantrita Mondal - Events Manager
MSc Chemical Engineering

Praveen Sridharan - Commissioner of External Affairs
MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology

Geetha Krishna Choudary Konidala - Cyber Director
MSc in Petroleum Engineering

If you are a prospective student and have queries about admission to TU Delft, please join our group at Facebook AmbassadorIndia_NewStudentQueryDesk .

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October 1st 2016
YUVA 2016 - ISA welcomes new students

September 2016:

April 2016:
New collaboration with! Looking forward!

Organised Holi Utsav to eulogise the spring festival of colors at TU Delft.

Organized 'Chai pe Charcha' event on topic: Women Empowerment.

Organised Diwali Utsav at TU Delft.

Organised a dinner event : Indian Flavours 1.0

Welcome the new Executive board 2013-2014.

Read about us on TU Delta : a weekly magazine of TU Delft.

If you have any suggestions or complaints to make with respect to the workings of ISA Delft Executive and Advisory board or it's members, you can fill this form here. You may choose to remain anonymous or provide personal information to get a review of your feedback.

7-Dec-2012 :
We have a new Advisory Board for 2012-2013. Please check the list here.
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